Data Delivery & Specifications

Achieving success together – with our guidelines and your support we make the production process effective and uncomplicated. Whether in print or digitally: We will make your design ready for printing. Access our InSite Prepress Portals for efficient file transfers.

Insite File Upload

The Insite Prepress Portals support direct file uploads and collaboration with our teams. They enable online proofing and corrective actions with 24/7 access. You can efficiently manage the prepress process while minimizing errors, unexpected costs and delays. We are in the process of migrating all our sites to a singluar BPG USA environment with a shared Insite font-end. Berryville (Book), Martinsburg, Fairfield, Dallas (OPM) already operate on this environment. Hicksville and Berryville (Component) will follow soon.


BPG USA Insite Portal

Component Insite Portal