Bertelsmann Printing Group USA is comprised of dedicated teams that provide outstanding quality and service. We offer one stop shopping, from prepress through press, binding and finishing to fulfillment. Our goal is to deliver on time, on budget, to your specifications, in an environmentally appropriate manner.

Bertelsmann Printing Group USA and their companies

Company profile

For hard cover, trade, mass market or digest books, components & specialty finishing, specialty and home entertainment packaging, healthcare to commercial services Bertelsmann Printing Group USA is your resource.

Berryville Graphics

One of the largest, fully automated, hardcover and softcover book manufacturers in the United States comprising facilities in Berryville, VA; Fairfield, PA and Martinsburg, WV.

Offset Paperback Mfg

One of the largest manufacturers of mass-market paperback books in the world plus offerings in four color children’s books, coloring books and provider directories.

Coral Graphics

Offering quality, security, speed and creativity, Coral is a leader in providing a dynamic range of graphic services, including book components, multimedia home entertainment products, specialty packaging and health insurance products.

Dynamic Graphics

In the critical 10 seconds when a consumer decides to buy, Dynamic makes a difference with eye-catching decoration that drives sales.