Bertelsmann Printing Group USA releases Tetracontakaitetragon

New York: The Bertelsmann Printing Group USA (BPG USA) today released the first Caribbean Dream’s Tetracontakaitetragon. What in heaven’s name is that?

This is a unique marketing piece that highlights BPG USA’s structural design service and demonstrates how multiple finishing techniques can create similar compelling visual and tactile effects.

The piece comes in a classic, UV accented blue box. Inside one finds a highly decorated 44-sided polygon, which itself contains a mystery prize / candy. The globe reminds one that world class finishing techniques are readily available.

The polygon uses scenes from the Cayman Islands to show the power of print. The unusual piece demands attention and begs to be picked up, handled and shaken. Three different holographic foils shimmer. Two undersea scenes invite one into the coral with the illusion of depth created by Dynillusion Cast and Cure in one instance and holographic foil in the second case. A Parrot and a Turtle leap out from the page with 3D sculptured embossing. A beach scene has real feeling sand while coral pipes have a rough texture. A floating flower is spotlighted with gloss UV. A refreshing bottle of beer glistens with water drops. If you need more information, a scannable QR code links the printed piece with the online website The curious explorer will discover how to open the  Tetracontakaitetragon by the Hammock panel and will be rewarded with a tasty treat.

The Technical Details
Structural Design is by BPG USA in New York. Execution was done by Coral Graphics Hicksville and Dynamic Graphic Finishing Horsham. Die cutting and gluing was by Mid Island Bindery.

Both the outer box and the polygon were printed with four color process inks on 20 point C1S board stock. The table below shows the finishing details on each square on the polygon.

Explanation of Finishing
L = Laminate matte mylar
SG=Spot Gloss UV Silk Screen
GM=Spot Gritty Matte UV
E=Sculptured Emboss
F=Holographic Foil

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