Offset Paperback Manufacturers


One of the largest manufacturers of mass-market paperback books in the world, Offset Paperback Manufacturers (OPM) produces approximately 350 million mass market and digest book products a year. OPM can take a project through the entire process starting with digital photography through pre-press, printing, binding and distribution/fulfillment.

OPM has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and is the only paperback book manufacturer to use exclusively the offset printing process for text reproduction. The result: OPM produces the highest quality mass-market and digest book products on the market today. Our commitment to the industry means that type and halftones are sharp, clean and crisp. In addition, the technology in place at OPM translates into reduced cycle times, higher image quality and accurate page (insert) placement for our customers.

Offset Paperback is part of the worldwide cooperation Bertelsmann AG.  Within the Bertelsmann organization, OPM makes up part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group USA division, which offers full service printing and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world.  As an international service provider, Bertelsmann Printing Group USA sees extraordinary opportunities in the major trend to digitization, service orientation and globalization and offers its customers individual solutions for organizing communications, logistics and electronic media systems.

Offset Paperback is located in the scenic Pocono Mountain Range of Northeastern Pennsylvania, less than a 2-hour drive to New York City, the home of many large US based publishers.
Offset Paperback, featuring one of the most automated book manufacturing plants in the industry, produces approximately 350 million books each year.

Servicing customers has always been the number one priority to OPM.  Throughout the years, OPM has been awarded many industry rewards for its outstanding pre-press, printing, and binding capabilities.


Mass-Market and Digest Softcover Books

  • Mass Market Cover Printing
  • Print-On-Demand Centers
  • Full Service Binderies
  • Cost Saving Paper Programs
  • Fulfillment and Distribution Services
  • Data Conversion Services (Rocket eBook)
  • One Color and Four Color Electronic Services
  • Separations
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) Reporting and Status

Digital Printing

Offset Paperback offers complete digital services for book and non book products


Studio Print is the commercial printing division of Offset Paperback and offers high quality, multi-color offset printing, prepress and finishing operations to a variety of organizations throughout the United States and abroad.


Offset Paperback offers state-of-the-art prepress services for all printed materials.  If you have not yet found your way into a digital environment, don’t worry we still have you covered.  Want an old book copied?  Need sharp looking halftones?  We have the technology and confidence that we can fulfill all of your needs and make your experience one that you will be very satisfied with.

Distribution and Fulfillment

Once the product has been manufactured, it is now ready for fulfillment and distribution. Berryville Graphics and Offset Paperback offer a wide range of services taking your product from Disk to Distribution.