Working for the Printing Group USA

We take pride in the beautiful products that we produce. The magic in our “black art” is not in putting ink on paper but rather in turning the ideas of creative people into physical reality.

If you are customer focused, quality driven, and are looking for competitive wages and benefits,  in a growing company, consider the Bertelsmann Printing Group. We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity. We work in an environmentally friendly manner. We respect our Code of Conduct.

Let us know if you are a veteran as we appreciate your service.


Our job offers

Berryville Graphics | 3-Knife Trimmer Operator

Berryville Graphics | Bindery Operator Assistant

Berryville Graphics | Bindery Operator

Berryville Graphics | Casemaking Operator

Berryville Graphics | Casing-In Operator with Trimmer

Berryville Graphics | Flat Cutter Operator

Berryville Graphics | Forklift Truck Operator

Berryville Graphics | Industrial Electrician

Berryville Graphics | Industrial Mechanic

Berryville Graphics | Jacket Machine Operator

Berryville Graphics | Small Machines Operator

Berryville Graphics | Web Press Operator


Coral Graphics | CTP Operator

Coral Graphics | Film Lamination Operator

Coral Graphics | Maintenance Technician

Coral Graphics | Press Helper

Coral Graphics | Experienced Press Operator

Coral Graphics | Sakurai Operator

Coral Graphics | Printing Sales Representative


OPM | Production Worker Entry Level


OPM | Production Worker Job Application Form





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Bertelsmann Code of Conduct